Woodville Mart

Woodville, New Zealand

The Woodville Mart is a huge old building filled with a wide selection of antiques, collectables, vintage and secondhand items. 

What’s Inside:

The Woodville Mart offers vintage tools, antique hardware, antique architectural items, china, ceramics, pottery, glass (including some nice carnival glass) antique and vintage lighting, retro items, kitchenware, copperware, sewing items, clocks, furniture, bottles, record LPs, prints, musical instruments and much much more.  They often have collections of out of the ordinary items, for example on my last visit there were a couple of dozen telephones of all shapes sizes and eras.

Location Tips:

The Woodville Mart is easy to find on State Highway 2, Woodville’s main street, just after the intersection where SH 2 and SH 3 meet.  It is next door to the Masonic Hotel.

Website:   www.woodville.co.nz


Plenty of street parking is available.

Payment options: Cash, credit, debit, EFT-POS.

Last Visited:   February 2018

Woodville Mart - Woodville, New Zealand





53 Vogel St

State Highway 2

Woodville  4920


Mon-Fri           9:00-4:30

Sat-Sun         10:00-4:00

Tel:   06 376 5865

Email: sales@woodville.co.nz